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Not long after he was elected, Mayor Naheed Nenshi challenged a group of dedicated volunteers to get all Calgarians taking action in our communities to make Calgary even better. Thus, the Mayor'€™s Civic Engagement Committee was formed and out of that came the 3 Things for Calgary initiative.  But it didn'€™t happen overnight.

There was an initial idea that tugged at us but we needed to refine it and find it a moniker; something catchier and less of a mouthful than the Mayor'€™s Civic Engagement Committee. We took our idea on the road to various events, asking people for their thoughts on what we hoped to do and what we should call it.

With input from a cross-section of Calgarians, we worked on the idea some more.  And then one day one of our volunteers made a giant 3 and convinced his son (a film student) to help shoot some video footage.  The two pulled an all-night father-son bonding/editing session and showed us the result.

It was just the catalyst we needed to get the whole thing launched.  Now we hope you and your 1 million neighbours will join us and see where the whole thing winds up!

Members of  our inaugural committee included: Cesar Cala, Nancy Close, Dani DeBoice, Marc Doll, Leslie Evans, Karen Franco, Traci Gourlay, Daorcey LeBray, Stella Lee, Kerry Longpre, Lindsay Luhnau, Cheri Macaulay, Stewart McDonough, Sharon McIntyre, Andrew Phung, Rick Thomas and Mary Valentich.

 And, say a big welcome to our second term 2014-2016 committee members: Chair Dani DeBoice, community members  Cesar Cala, Heather Campbell, Owen Chung, Patrick Hlavac-Winsor, Cheri Macaulay, Tim Olfason, Mary Valentich and Mayor's Office staff members Nancy Close and Daorcey LeBray.

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RT @fedyyc: We just uploaded photos to Facebook from 2 recent resource fairs we went to with the Great Big 3! @3thingsyyc https://t.co/cv66
over 4 years ago
We love that @fedyyc has their very own GB3 (there are actually 3 in yyc) and, we hear that soon a red 3 for… https://t.co/R68mi3ko9v
over 4 years ago
RT @fedyyc: We're at InspirAct youth fair talking to students about volunteering w/ #yycca & @3thingsyyc https://t.co/51TWAcl9UR
over 4 years ago
RT @brcassociation: If all Calgarians were like Irene, that would be a WONDERFUL thing! #yycvolunteers #yycca @gccarra @ward9tweets @3thing
over 4 years ago
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