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What is 3 Things for Calgary?

3 Things for Calgary asks all Calgarians to:

1. Think.
Think about 3 Things you can do to make Calgary better.  These things could be for your street, your neighbourhood or for the entire city.

The 3 Things you do are up to you.  What are your skills and passions?  What issues are important to you and what can you do about those issues to make Calgary better?  Not sure what 3 Things you can do?  Take a look at our favourite things so far.  We think you'€™ll be inspired. 

And, if you have an idea you'd like to put into action and a little money would make a difference, a grassroots grant might help! Check out Stepping Stones at the Calgary Foundation.

2.  Do your 3 Things.
Whether your 3 Things are large or small, every action you take to make Calgary better makes a difference.  And if you have more than 3 Things you want to dive into, then do them! (We just think 3 has a nice ring to it.) 

3. Encourage (at least) 3 more people to do 3 Things for Calgary.
This part is so important. You might already do so much for your community, but others might not yet be living up to their potential.  We'€™re counting on you to help get all Calgarians taking action to make Calgary an even better city.

Share your 3 Things with all of us!  Your actions can be an inspiration for others to do their 3 Things.  If every Calgarian did at least 3 Things for Calgary, we'€™d have over 3 million actions making Calgary an even better city. And that'€™s amazing!

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