In the spring of 2016, The City of Calgary along with the Mayor's Civic Engagement Committee once again hosted City Hall 101 (formerly called We Should Know City Hall)—a free public workshop for citizens to learn about how to get more involved with their City and City Council. 

This time around, not only do we have photos to share, we also have a couple of great videos AND an amazing comic strip created by artist Sam Hester to share some of the lessons learned during our workshop.

What is City Hall 101 all about?  Check here for a quick overview of our event as given by our Chair, Dani DeBoice. 

Get Involved at City Hall: A panel presentation, using the Senior Age Friendly Strategy report presented at City Council's Community and Protective Services Committee meeting, allowed us the opportunity to talk about the many ways you can get involved. Our sincere thanks to citizens Catherine Brownlee, Ellen Close, Nabeel Ramji and City of Calgary Director of Calgary Neighbourhoods, Katie Black for taking the time to share their passion and expertise.  Check out the video for great information about how you can be involved at City Hall.

And, last but certainly not least, here is a graphic representation of how to get more comfortable presenting at a City Council meeting.

To learn more, visit

The Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee–with the enthusiastic support of the City of Calgary City Clerk’s Office–hosted the third We Should Know City Hall event on November 3, 2014. The turn out was great, the buzz of conversation was inspiring, and we introduced our latest version of the popular “Is It Municipal?” game (to explore the differences between the various orders of government).Is It MunicipalThe workshop provided citizens with tools and confidence to better connect with our City Council–whether it is how to contact City Councillors, attend a Council or Committee meeting, or when to call 311 (anytime!). It was all about how easy it is to provide the public voice to the City’s decision-making process. And it helped participants to feel more comfortable coming down to City Hall!We are in the midst of gathering feedback on our latest format of our workshop, and then we will start planning the next one! In the meantime, here are some handy links on how to get more involved with The City of Calgary, including links to help you connect with City Hall.


The Mayor

Contact the Mayor via the online contact page on The Office of the Mayor website

Members of Council

Use the City’s online contact page to send a message to your Ward Councillor or view their websites.  Alternatively, if you would like your communication to go to all Councillors, you may select the General Contact Form and place “Please forward to all Council Members” in the message.

Legislative Services

To access Agendas, Minutes, video, and meeting schedules, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page. This page includes information on how to present at meetings and information on the different types of committees and their mandates.

Use the Boards, Commission and Committees page to review the approximately 80 Boards, Commissions and Committees (BCCs).  This page provides information related to BCC composition, mandates, and meeting schedules. Don’t forget that, although the recruitment has ended for this year, there is an annual recruitment in late summer where you can get involved by applying to be a member.

Use the Council Policy Library page to review all Council Policies.

In committee roomCalgary Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes     

Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) Agendas are not accessed through the same system referenced above under Legislative Services. CPC Agendas, Minutes, and meeting schedules can be accessed here.

Public Hearing Page

This page provides a copy of the advertisement of items being considered at the next Combined Meeting of Council during the public hearing portion of the agenda. It provides links to the reports considered by CPC that will move forward to the Combined Meeting of Council earlier than the full agenda for that Council meeting is available.

Many thanks to everyone who participated! And for those who were unable to attend: we look forward to seeing you next time!

And, here is our Blog Post  from our inaugural We Should Know City Hall event. Check out the video!


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